Billy Kenny (100945057038187) Data Sources Partner Integrations Create Ad Billy Kenny's Pixel Pixel ID: 266774623835683 Create Custom Audience Create Custom Conversion Set up Today's Activity Last Received 9 days ago EVENTS RECEIVED TOP EVENTS ViewContent PageView Pixel Installation Complete! Your Facebook pixel is ready to use. Now you can optimize your ads for conversions and leverage other powerful Facebook Ads tools. Optional:Add parameters to your event code to track conversions with more detail.See what you can do with your pixel. Events Activity Settings Diagnostics 2ViewContent 2PageView All available days Events from Nov 6, 2017 – Nov 22, 2017 Events Name Status Activity Events Received ViewContent No Recent Activity Last Received: 9 days ago Low Volume 2 PageView No Recent Activity Last Received: 9 days ago Low Volume 2 Install Pixel Code Close 1 Install your pixel code 2 Add your events Add the pixel code to your site so that it loads on each webpage. This is typically done by adding it to the global header of your website. Locate the header code for your website Find the tags in your webpage code, or locate the header template in your CMS or web platform. Learn where to find this template or code in different web management systems. !DOCTYPE html> insert_pixel_code_here Copy the entire pixel code and paste it in the website header Paste the pixel code at the bottom of the header section, just above the tag. Facebook pixel code can be added above or below existing tracking tags (such as Google Analytics) in your site header. Use Advanced Matching Copied to Clipboard Send test traffic to your pixel Check the status of your pixel code by sending test traffic. If your status is shown as Active, your code has been installed correctly. Note that this process may take several minutes. No Recent Activity No activity for 9 days If more than 20 minutes have passed after test firing your pixel and the status is No Activity Yet, your code might not be installed correctly. Get guidance on installing your pixel or Install the Pixel Helper for Google Chrome to troubleshoot individual pages. Back Email Instructions Continue